making a lamp






I can’t remember when is the last time I worked on a project or made a lamp.. Is it 2 years ago??

I made this lamp based on Lindsey Adelman‘s “you make it” instruction. I had a lot of troubles at the beginning and had to ask for help from friend. It took me very long to finish it. It turns out nice and I will want to make more. Maybe using the same parts but make my own design..






  1. momo

    it looks great!

  2. Momo

    Very nice! More ! More ! More !

  3. celine

    wow!! This looks so good! I can’t believe you can make it yourself! You should totally look into making more with your own configurations!

    • admin

      i am lucky that my friends helped and lend me the tools. i tried first and i failed……
      we did need to readjust some parts and details to make it work……